PlayStation 4 Neo to Change the Core Experience for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky, a standout amongst the most sweeping recreations ever made, is out, and players aren’t saving a moment investigating the amusement’s procedurally produced universe; a universe that is so incomprehensible, odds are nobody will ever get the chance to visit the areas that you have gone by amid your voyage.


Gmail app more powerful with new features integrations

The other cool element added to Gmail is the mix of the mail account with the Google drive account which permits the clients to embed Drive joins, alter document contents and even spare connections in the email specifically from the application.


Pokemon GO Update Brings Grass On The Field3tech 

At the point when Niantic evacuated the 3-stage following component from Pokemon GO a week or so prior, I think we as a whole accepted this was an indication that their engineers were attempting to settle it rapidly and conceivably re-issue the element with the following real upgrade.

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LG announces Stylus 2 launch plans for Korean market

LG has announced its launch plans for the LG Stylus 2 for the Korean market. As the followup to 2015’s G4 Stylus, the Stylus 2 will be available from Korean carriers in the coming weeks for a price of 396,000 Korean Won (around $330). As

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BMW celebrates 100 years by birthing a futurist concept

BMW is celebrating its big centennial with a brand-new concept: the BMW Vision Next 100. The Vision Next 100 showcases BMW’s vision for a driver-focused car of the future, one that still lets you drive-it-yourself when you want to, or relax and let the AI

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Verizon HTC One M8 now receiving Marshmallow update

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now rolling out to the HTC One M8 on Verizon. According to Verizon’s support documents, it looks like the bump up to Marshmallow is the second portion of a pair of updates, culminating in software version 6.21.605.3. Do keep in mind

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Google Photos now stores your iPhone’s Live Photos forever

So, you’re already using Google Photos to back up your iPhone snaps, right? (If not, you totally should be — it’s free, it’s unlimited, and it’s infinitely better than Apple’s limited iCloud alternative.) For those longing to create a permanent record of their best Live

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Google’s low-cost cell service is now open to all*

Project Fi – Google’s take on the phone carrier business – is now yours to try out without the need for an invitation. Originally available to early testers via invite, Project Fi is now opening up to anyone in the US with a Google account

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Portal to take center stage in Valve VR demos at GDC 2016

Valve will be showing off new virtual reality demos next week in San Francisco during the 2016 Game Developers Conference. The demos will almost certainly be using the HTC Vive headset which the smartphone company has developed in partnership with Valve and its SteamVR platforms.

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